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Eating healthy doesn’t necessarily mean cutting out all the foods you love, or completely changing the way you eat. For you, the road to a healthier diet might be as simple as learning how to make healthier food choices and adopting some simple healthy eating habits. In this course, renowned nutrition specialist Liz Josefsberg, will help you bring your diet full circle, starting with the basics of a well-balanced diet. She will show you how to plan a week’s worth of meals. She will take you shopping at the grocery store and show you tips and tricks for buying healthy foods–even on a budget. And she will give you some short-term strategies that, if practiced, can help you eat healthy for the long term.

Disclaimer: The recommendations in this course should not replace those of your health care provider. These recommendations are for most healthy adults. People with medical conditions and women who are pregnant should consult with their doctor about the best diet for you.

The nutrition content in this course is based on the 2015 Dietary Guidelines for Americans and ChooseMyPlate.Gov.

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Course Outline

What You Can Expect from this Course

Nutrition Basics : Nutrition Basics

In Unit 1, participants will learn about Liz and why she’s teaching this course. They will learn basic criteria for a healthy diet and why it’s crucial to their overall health and wellbeing. And they will learn how to build a delicious healthy plate with proper portions.

Participants will also be introduced to Liz’s “5-5-5 Plan.” This is a flexible grocery list, based off of foods participants already eat.

Lastly, participants will be shown how to plan meals. They can take this information and apply it to a week or longer if they choose to do so.

Lesson 1 Not Your Standard Nutrition Course
Lesson 2 Foundation of Healthy Eating
Lesson 3 The 5-5-5 Plan
Let's Go Shopping : Foundation of Healthy Eating

In this unit, Liz takes you to the grocery store. She shops for ingredients for her 5-5-5 recipes, she shares relevant health information about different types of foods, she explores food accessibility and labels, and she shares tips for getting the most health for the least price.

Then she heads to the kitchen to bring healthy eating full circle by making a list, saving food for later, and demonstrating how to properly save leftovers so you eat them later.

Lesson 4 Supermarket Fun
Lesson 5 Meal Prep Made Easy
Eat Right for The Long Term : 5-5-5 Plan

In this Unit, Liz gives you tools to eat healthy in the long term. She shows you how to eat healthy outside the home and gives you tools for exploring your motivation.

Lesson 6 Healthy Eating Outside the Home

Liz Josefsberg

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Liz Josefsberg

Liz Josefsberg is a sought-after weight loss, nutrition, and exercise professional. She’s helped celebrities change their behavior to shed pounds and keep them off. She’s been a regular guest on many daytime television shows, including The Dr. Oz Show® and The Oprah Winfrey Show®, and she’s written multiple books and articles on healthy eating.

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