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Exercise Course Overview

There’s no other way to say this: physical activity is good for you. Regular physical activity can increase your brain function, lower your risks for heart disease, stroke, and some cancers, and it can help you lose and maintain your weight. It can also be an excellent way to manage stress and anxiety. It may also help you live longer. If exercise was a pill, it might be a called miracle drug. Yet many of us struggle to fit enough physical activity into our lives. We are busy, may have health issues, or we lack the confidence and know how to start. In this course, renowned fitness and nutrition specialist, Liz Josefsberg, shares simple ways to introduce more physical activity into your day. These strategies and exercises are designed to help you get moving, no matter your skill level—whether you’re someone trying to fit more steps into your day or someone who hits the gym multiple times a week. She will also teach you the differences between cardio, strength, and flexibility training, and how combining all three into your routine may give you the most health benefits. She’ll explain the importance of combining a healthy diet with exercise. And she will cover ways to tackle some of the most common barriers we face that hold us back from getting the physical activity we need to be healthy. None of the information in this course is a substitute for your doctor’s care. Consult your physician before beginning an exercise program or making major changes in your diet or health care regimen

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Course Outline

What You Can Expect from this Course

Unit 1 : Pillars of Exercise

In this unit, Liz introduces the course and explains the difference between, the benefits of, and the recommended amount of cardio, strength, and flexibility training. She also introduces the concept of spontaneous physical activity, a simple way to introduce more movement into the day. The unit wraps with students taking a self-assessment to see how much of each type of exercise they currently are getting and how much more they possibly could use to meet the recommended guidelines.

Lesson 1 Introduction to Exercise Course
Lesson 2 Technology Paradox
Lesson 3 Pillars of Exercise: Cardio
Lesson 4 3 Pillars of Exercise: Strength
Lesson 5 3 Pillars of Exercise: Flexibility
Lesson 6 Nutrition and Exercise
Unit 2 : Overcome Barriers to Move More

In this Unit, Liz explores common barriers people have with exercising. She shares simple strategies for overcoming these barriers and offers more ideas for adding movement into your day.

Lesson 7 Finding Time
Lesson 8 Build Motivation to Move
Lesson 9 Physical Barriers

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Liz Josefsberg

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Liz Josefsberg

Liz Josefsberg is a sought-after weight loss, nutrition, and exercise professional. She’s helped celebrities change their behavior to shed pounds and keep them off. She’s been a regular guest on many daytime television shows, including The Dr. Oz Show® and The Oprah Winfrey Show®, and she’s written multiple books and articles on healthy eating.

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